We emerged from our cave horrified to find out there are so are many in such dire straights. We were busy just living from cell phone charge to cell phone charge- having no idea what was happening in other parts of the city and New Jersey. It was a shock to see the images on the television. We had heard some bits and pieces, and mea culpa; I figured it was another case of media fear mongering. There have been so many cases of The Media That Cried Wolf, I underestimated how bad things were. The brutal reality sprang from our television screens last night.

I’m a trifle abashed to have been so nose-from-joint over our minor saga of life without power.  We exist in our own niches, and even knowing that there are others out there in a very bad way- we have to deal with our own concerns that affect us on a daily basis.

The galleries of Chelsea are distraught over the great loss of so much artwork. The  downtown theaters were closed for the greater part of the week. Broadway was dark for a couple of days. Our grocery store is slowly restocking. I’m behind on deadlines. This is my world. Thankfully these inconveniences/losses are all we still suffer from. We survived the threat of Zombies in the darkened stairwell, being unwashed, or bored to death. For us, normal is returning. All good.

I’m grateful my friends and family are all intact with little damage- not a single board game related injury or candle catastrophe. As I step carefully over curb-puddles of melted freezer items, I count my blessings. My thoughts are with those who lost so very much.