I know that every one of you leaps from your bed in your little feety pajamas and runs to your computer to see what brilliance I’ve posted for the day.  And last week I let you down. Bummer. Get over it people. Read the New York Times. Then you can tell me what’s happening in the world because I can barely get past the first page and the Arts Section. You can also read The New Yorker and fill me in on the weekly witty round table stuff because I only read the cartoon and theater reviews. That would be review of theater and not the cartoon. I find the cartoons really stupid, mostly because they never choose my caption submission.  Morons.

Anyway, back to the grand disappointment.  Here’s the new deal:

Screw the Thursday thing. Its cramping my natural writing style- which is spewing out things as they come to me, and this whole deadline thing is making me self conscious and cranky. And no one wants me cranky. When I started the blog a trusted source told me that if I didn’t post on a regular schedule my “followers” (Hi Mom!) would stop reading my posts. Well I tried, and instead of enjoying this, which was the whole point- making me happy, (remember this and make it your mission in life) I’ve started to dread Thursday mornings.

So we’re going into relaxed mode. I’m going to try to post every week, and some weeks I’ll post more than once. The posts will be less formal (if that’s humanly possible). You know, if you guys actually registered, you’d get notified when I post and all this nonsense would not be an issue. It’s free. Remember? I told you that. Someone isn’t paying attention. And there is this thing called an RSS feed. I’m a luddite and not exactly sure how it works, but I’m told it’s easy and you can’t play the luddite card because I just did and there’s only one in the deck. So sign up for those things.

So that’s what I’m going to do, post a lot, but not on schedule, okay? It better be, because you’re not the boss of me.

I’m working on a few posts for the holiday season. Actually when I say working on- what I really mean is that they are little monologues in my head. I have so very much to share with you about the holidays. After I get into the eggnog, there will be some real honesty. In fact I might just post something small almost every day between now and then. You’ll have to check in and see.

For today I will leave you with this tantalizing thought; I purchased a Justin Bieber Christmas song and since my loving daughter keeps outing me to everyone I might as well just post it here. So suck it Scarlett, I’m shouting it to the world. But in my defense- I didn’t mean to buy it, and no, I didn’t steal it either. It didn’t just jump into my coat pocket and leave the store with me by accident, Officer. What I mean is that I purchased it from ITunes as part of a various artists holiday CD. What I was after was some holiday tunes by Norah Jones, Grace Potter, and The Fruit Bats. Justin happened to be part of the package. That’s the truth. Honest.

That concludes the first of my many holiday posts. I have a lot to say this time of year. It’s no accident that my first play was set at Christmas…

From the top of Mount Crumpet~